Benefits of Switch

Lift your buildings into the cloud and experience an entirely new approach to managing buildings and sustainability. Switch is a cloud-based platform for building management and sustainability reporting. Switch Smart Hub is a software layer that integrates all the monitoring and metering devices and sub-systems in your building. We collect your building information from a wide variety of disparate systems already in place and post that information to the Cloud. We can also integrate other sustainability information such as transportation energy use, paper consumption, waste generation and more.

Connected real-time, anywhere, anytime data

With Switch you can connect all of the buildings in your portfolio and view it at any time. This means users of Switch can access any building data on any web-enabled device - anywhere, anytime and in real time. Your data can be readily integrated into your preferred reporting format.

Occupant engagement

Most experts acknowledge that occupant or user engagement is the next frontier in energy management. Switch allows you to display key operating data in an attractive format that encourages users to pay more attention to their resource consumption.

Moving from data to information

Switch can also include external data sources such as weather feeds and organizational data for travel, transportation, waste and paper consumption. This means all of your data is in one place so that you are not running multiple systems to get the information on operations or sustainability achievements.

Benchmarking & reporting

Switch enables you to import historical data and build a valuable data bank of enterprise wide information. This is vital for tracking your operations and the outcomes of your energy efficiency initiatives. You can also export information in any common reporting framework.

Analytics for aggregation and detailed insight

The ability to group and label your data in any combination allows you to generate detailed, aggregated comparisons both within a building and across an entire portfolio. These tools ensure that building managers can analyze the operations of an individual building asset while portfolio managers can benchmark costs and consumption patterns across their holdings or for specific subsets of buildings, such as office, retail and industrial.

Switch monitor and control

Switch seamlessly integrates lighting, air-conditioning, access control and other systems to provide a simple, unified interface for all of your building operations. The Switch Platform allows you to do this onsite or remotely from a central operations center.





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  • Switch Tagging
    20 Aug 2015
    Hub Release 3.6

    Today we are releasing version 3.6 of the Switch Platform. Along with many bug fixes and minor tweaks, the biggest feature of today’s release is a complete redesign of our Tagging module.

  • Logic
    04 Jun 2015
    Switch Hub 3.5 Release

    A new release with new features. Today Switch Automation is rolling out version 3.5 of its web-based intelligent building platform. Two major modules of the Switch Hub have been completely rewritten to optimise performance and enhance analytical functionality.



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 Switch In Action


The Grantham

The Grantham complex is considered the ultimate in Sydney real estate with a standard of finishes second to none and boasting the most breathtaking views of Sydney harbour. The Grantham comprises eight full floor residences with direct lift entry on each level. Excel Building Management commissioned the Switch Platform to provide residents with a video intercom that grants secure access to apartments, lobby and car park.


Lend Lease is a leader in sustainable building construction and actively advocates environmental and sustainability initiatives. Switch Automation collaborated closely with Lend Lease to design and deliver an integrated building solution that complied with the Green Building Council of Australia. The Convesso apartments in Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour set the benchmark in multi-residential Green Star projects.


Independent Contract Laboratory


Chemika have developed a sophisticated laboratory that provides verification services to pharmaceutical manufacturers across Australia, and the state of the art facility was the result of an extensive redevelopment of a former industrial building once utilised as a mechanical workshop.

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